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We Are a Collective of Human Experiential Engineers, Artists and Innovators

The Fusion Design Strategy team uses human behavior research, emerging technology, and artistic vision to provide solutions for wicked problems. We help companies surpass their goals in a playful and engaging way.

We specialize in designing human experiences by incorporating user-experience and gamification principles in a variety of Design Thinking processes. Our team includes industry UX theorists, internationally renown visual designers and world-class programmers.

Organization Productivity and Incentives

We gamify the mining, referral, and follow-through processes of lead generation and sales. Our solutions focus on increasing the active participation and emotional vesting from your administrators and sales force. Our team can create a diversity of intelligent apps, websites, IoT systems, and more.

Employee Relations and Loyalty Management

We understand that employees need validation, appreciation, a feeling of accomplishment, and a sense of place. We implement usable and gamified programs for on-boarding, employee appreciation, loyalty, recruitment, personnel retention, engagement and analytics.

Company Culture and Perception

Understanding and extending your company’s culture to employees, their families, vendors, and the community is critical. We develop solutions that instill and support your values, improve attitudes, showcase diversity, sustainability, and community involvement. We have the tools and talent to bridge your Western and Eastern presence with sensitivity and clarity.

Institutional Development and Training

Fusion creates streamlined virtual training with a focus on interactive engaging content. Our training solutions are rewarding, desired, and boost employee productivity. We specialize in international graduate-student preparation and online course delivery for placement agencies with our Fusion International Student Preparatory platform.